It Is A Call To Courage!

When We Are Bold is not only a celebration of women peacemakers and the activists they’ve inspired, it is a call to courage. A call to all of us who have allowed activism to be defined as something that other people do, to those of us who have orphaned our voice and our story, and to every woman and man who has struggled or borne witness to injustices that left their hearts flooded with truth and stories that need to be spoken.

Brené Brown

Author of #1 New York Times bestseller Rising Strong

Be Inspired

U.S. actor and playwright Danai Gurira, writing about Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee:
“When I look at Leymah’s work, I note she has never done any of it quietly. Peace is innately bold and boldness has volume. To a loud-mouthed African woman like me, seeking to be part of change, this is affirming. [...] Little African girls coming up behind us, who may be feeling out of place, are reminded by our example that boldness and outspokenness is in our DNA by design: it is no mistake."